Advice for Tenants

Stick to the terms of your agreement.

  • Always pay your rent on time.
  • Have a tenancy agreement that’s fair and complies with the law
  • Have your deposit returned to you when your tenancy ends
  • Live in a home that’s in a good state of repair.

Do a thorough inventory check.

  • Take photos of everything, that way you have proof of the state the rental was in.
  •  In the case of a furnished rental have the agent and landlord sign and itemized list of household items.

Get permission to make property improvements.

  • Often tenants wish to add their personal touch to make the rental feel more at home but do not make the mistake of not consulting with your landlord. Although you would be making the property more comfortable, these projects can cause you to lose some if not all your deposit. Get permission in writing.
  • It is important to return the property in its original condition.

Let your landlord know right away if repairs are needed.

  • Unless otherwise stated in the agreement, most repairs are to be handled by the landlord. As a tenant you should only undergo repairs if given permission. Please note that some rental agreements require the tenant to handle all minor repairs under a specified sum. Bare in mind the majority of landlords want to be notified as soon as possible to correct issues before further damage occurs.

Advice for Landlords

Do the right Tenant checks. 

Ensure that your agent get the required documents from your potential tenants.

  •  Two forms of ID.
  •   Utility bill
  •   Job letter
  •   Reference letter from previous Landlord.
  • As the Landlord it is your duty to ensure your property is safe and free from hazards. This means keeping electrical and plumbing systems up to code and providing smoke detectors throughout the home and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Expedite repairs.

  • If you tenant contacts you about repairs, please take swift action. Delaying repairs can cause further damage to your property as well as cause strain on the relationship with your tenant.

Do not enter the property without your Tenants permission.

  • Never assume that because you are the owner you have the right to enter the property without permission. Legally you have to give 24 hours’ notice before entering. Even when doing repairs the tenant should be given ample notice.